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Arturia already has a lineup of audio interfaces. They are fairly respectable. But one thing they don’t, is cheap. Base model Audio fuse 699. That’s it No. For casual bedroom builders. But, the company knows that the more people who make music, the bigger the number of its customers, so it’s important to serve the entry level. The minifuse line is the answer to that need.

The lineup of the three models starts at $ 99 Minifuse d. It is the most basic of the new devices with a single combo input for XLR and 1/4-inch devices. But it has the same preamps, 110db dynamic range, five year warranty and software bundle as the rest of the lineup. All minifuses can also act as USB hubs, so you can connect a controller through the interface and save some port space on your PC. What you have lost by choosing the most affordable option is the MIDI in and out port. You can’t mix monitoring directly with the USB output, you can just switch between the two.

149 Minifuse 2 Adding a second input, the MIDI port has a mixing control to balance the inside and outside and direct monitoring of your input and what’s coming from your PC. It is easy to record live audio, while even the smallest delay is unacceptable.

The Minifuse 4 Still haven’t received a price tag, and won’t be shipping until next year. But it has a back line input, two additional audio outputs and an additional headphone jack so that both you and a colleague can monitor the track together without making too much noise in your recording space. This is probably the case if you use a decent amount of outboard gear or work with a vocalist frequently. Extra outputs and inputs are especially easy for routing audio from your computer, processing it with external influences then running it in your DAW for the final mix.

The MiniFuse line comes with a tough bundle of software Ableton Live Lights, Analog Lab Introduction, a bundle of four Arturia FX, A three-month subscription for Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6 LE and Auto-Tune Unlimited and Splice.

Minifuse 1 and Minifuse 2 are now available for pre-order and shipping will begin in November.

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