Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Arturia Launched Brute Noir version Among its popular mid-level monophonic synths, Minibrut 2 And MiniBrute 2S. It also launched a limited Brute Noir version of its Drumbrute Impact analog drum machine. All versions are full-black instead of gray, so they can appeal to musicians who want the exclusiveness of that aesthetic or a limited edition model.

As a reminder, the MiniBrute 2 is a monophonic synth that is semi-modular with a decent-sized patch for re-rooting the synth signal, but it can also sound out of the box. Other features include a pair of VCOs, two LFOs and a 25-note, speed-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch, and dual-oscillator brute voice. The MiniBrute 2s lacks a keyboard but offers a 64-step sequence for “classic synth workflow and punchy brute character”.


Drumbrut Impact, meanwhile, is an Arturia entry-level 10-voice analog drum machine. With polyurethane sequencing and a built-in distortion circuit, Arturia says, it has been modernized with “Gnarli FM”. Prior to the release of Arturia, Brut Noir did not publish a specific price for the version, but regularly Minibrut 2 And MiniBrute 2s The model costs 499, while the standard drumbeat $ 299 on Amazon.

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