Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

My one Favorite budget synths Just puts Getting Good. After adding Three new amazing oscillators Earlier this year, Arturia was bringing custom Weatable to Microfrey as a free firmware update.

MicroFreak already had a wearable engine built in, so it’s not a huge stretch. But being able to import your own wave table really opens up your ability to create your own unique sound. There are countless sources for free wave tables, from classic analog tones to ice atmospheres, to sound explosions. But you can basically use any word file that you want. Buzz on your phone, or capture audio of stray cats fighting around you, then upload it to Microfree and turn it into a synthesizer.

Adding custom wettables using the Arturia MIDI Control Center desktop app is easy enough. Once you connect your microfrick there is a dedicated tab for them at the top of the interface. You can only have 16 custom tables at a time, and if you’re worried about perfectly smooth sound waves, the format can be a little harder to nail – 32 cycles consisting of 256 samples per cycle. But, if you just embrace its quirks, the WaveUser engine sounds weird, wild and abrasive which speaks to the power of MicroFreak.

To display the new WaveUser engine, there must be 64 new presets. But, let’s be honest, the wave tables provided by the factory presets with Arturia defeat the whole purpose here.

The new 4.0 firmware has a few more minor improvements. A quick scrolling speed option for oscillator control and the ability to use unison and cord modes can now be applied to each note, whether they are running live, coming from a sequencer or an external source.

MicroFreak 4.0 is now available as a free update Arturia’s website And through the MIDI Control Center.

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