Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Image of the article titled New Fisher opens as the La Palma eruption intensifies

Pictures: Daniel Roca (AP)

From above, the view is fascinating. On the ground, though, that’s another matter. Bathtub-Temperatures can mix with seawater and 1,800-degree-Fahrenheit (1,000-degree-Celsius) molten rock with heated, explosive results. Together, they express what they call a portmanteau of “tail”, “lava” and “fog”. (Volcanologists seem to prefer such terms, Also being Printed “enjoy,“Or volcanic fog.)

Laziness is Severely serious. It contains harmful steam cocktails, harmful gases including hydrochloric acid and even tiny pieces of volcanic glass. Everyone poses serious health risks, which is why Canary Islands officials are warning those who live below the location to keep their windows closed and not spend too much time outside, Lest they come down with shortness of breath.

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