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The female version of Ivar, the protagonist of Assassin's Creed Valhala, stands in the middle of a battlefield with two axes.

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Over the years, Ubisoft has explored a lot of times and locations Assassin’s Creed Franchises, from ancient Egypt and Greece to the Italian Renaissance and the American and French Revolutions. (Although there is no Wild West or Japan yet.) The science-fiction pride of modern-day characters uses a machine to revive memories. Ancestors Genetic and what gives otherwise Suffrage is the lifeblood of his life, For good and bad. But while it was originally planned in modern times as a standard trilogy starring then-hero Desmond Miles, the series had a more bizarre trajectory.

In particular, of 2012 Assassin’s Creed III Going to space will end with the series. Lars de Wilde, A researcher on conspiracy theories and religion in digital media culture, has recently published his research that has spoken to multiple ex.Religion Devs in 2019. Interviewed by Patris Desilats, Game Designer and Series Creator Of AC3 Creative director Alex Hutchinson, De Wilde, has learned that modern-day storytelling will lead to a more epic ending to the battle between modern-day assassins and Templars.

Desmond, de Wilde writes, “Using the combined knowledge and skill of all his ancestors, the evil corporation defeated Abstargo (run by the Templars). Of AC1 Altair and Of AC2 Ezio. “And the 2012 Doomsday storyline games were gradually created to see Desmond and his partner Assassin Lucy as the new Adam and Eve. AC2) On another planet. Asked where the two would go, De Willett eagerly replied: “Boom! This is a strange spaceship.” Many fans believed that the franchise’s predecessor, Isu, was an alien, and that they probably had a spacecraft for two people.

Although this did not happen in the end – Desilates left Ubisoft in 2010 before its release in 2010 Brotherhood, In that game Lucy was killed and Desmond died AC3 Finally paving the way for the current hero Laila Hassan. Still, it would have been a pretty bad conclusion for the series. If the franchise had gone after that original completion, it would have been interesting; You can easily imagine that before the Ubisoft franchise was left on the ice for a few years before it was brought back and lifted from that “space humanity” thread.

Changing track AC3 Ubisoft and the franchisee did not stop to be weird with the franchise: recent installments such as Odyssey And Well done They have played extensively with the mythology of their respective times. It is possible that the series will return to the Adam and Eve thread in later games and will probably see that interstellar escape plan again.


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