Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

At least 20 people were killed and 70 were injured when a section of the Mexico City Metro collapsed on a road below, leaving the train split in two and hanging at risk.

The accident happened late Monday night after news broke that a car had crashed into a pillar supporting the rail bridge. Speaking to reporters at the scene with a hard hat, Mayor Claudia Shinebaum said a support beam gave way.

Videos shared via social media The moment the line broke down on a busy street below captured the moment. Shenbaum said at least one car was stuck under the train.

Rescuers were at the scene, searching for survivors or trapped passengers. Forty-nine people were taken to the hospital.

The accident happened on the new Metro Line 12 line south of the capital. The line was created when the now-foreign minister and Marcelo Ibarard was considered the successor to President Andres Manuel LaPage Obrador and he was the mayor of the city.

On Twitter, Ebard has pledged his full support in the investigation of the “terrible tragedy”.

Described as a structural defect at the time of the authorities which line 12 was partially closed in 2014-15 to be repaired. Four stations were also closed after a major earthquake in the capital in 2017.

One of the survivors told Foro TV that he felt the train “suddenly braked and we were all pulled to the other side. My cell phone flew out of my hand. . . I saw people who were unconscious and were unconscious. “

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