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The market for resale clothing at the time of the ocean has increased as people hawk goods for money online, surge companies prefer Threadup – which the opponent followed Pashmark Going public – the growing market share of secondhand items, which is expected to double to more than 4 billion by 2024. Acquisition The UK-based DIP has ন 1.63 billion in most cash transactions.

The resale app is instantly the most infected in this sector, it is driven by the love of vintage clothing with popular Zen-Z users, partly due to the appreciation of sustainable fashion. About 90 percent of Depot users are under the age of 26 and it is, according to its own data, the tenth-most visited site among General ZZ customers. Overall, it boasts more than 30 million users across nearly 150 countries.

In fact, Dipp has become somewhat of an online sensation; From streetwear to trekking to tic-tac-toe clothing, the Y2 is the gateway to the latest fashion fads (sorry, trends) revival. For proof, just check its press coverage. Enjoy business I want to tell you How the Dipp generation thinks And Shocked He asked Deep if being mild? There is even one Instagram account It charts all the dramas that take place between buyers and sellers in the app. Came up with success Mainstream acceptance. Fashion brands such as Benetton, jewelry maker Stads, Rodarte and Anna Sui have either opened shopfronts or launched collabs with Dipp.

However, if there is no benefit in backing up the application, the promotion will make sense. Depot’s March sales and revenue reached 50 650 million and $ 70 million in 2020, respectively – both more than 100 percent higher than the previous year.

Etsy, meanwhile, is even bigger. The e-commerce site generated record sales and revenue of ৩ 10.3 billion and .7 1.7 billion, respectively, in 2020. In pursuit of expansion, it had previously acquired the music gear marketplace Riverob in 2012 for ২ 2 million.

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