ATI Life Sciences takes the largest share in sci-fi

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ATI is a bioscience institute called Life Sciences Powered by Enterprise capitalist and Freedom-loving Millionaire Peter Thiel With which he specializes in the experimental treatment of mental disorders Psychedelic drugs, Bought the majority of a company that works to melt the mind with machines.

Every CNBC, Berlin-based ATIA has bought a regulatory percentage of cyber, one of several companies working on brain-computers. Interface technology that theoretically allows humans to one day plug into a smart toaster (or something more interesting, for example) A robot tank). This may seem like an intriguing pairing with the value of the face, since the first connection between psychedelics and transhumanism that may come to mind is the former ones who talk a lot later.

However, ATINNCN has been told that the early stages of cyber research into electrical activity in the brain, the first steps towards translating neural activity into machine language, and vice versa, will also be effective in the development of psychedelic therapy. The same data that cyber is analyzing can simultaneously give insights into how psychedelic drugs create their personal effects. And improve their safety and effectiveness, according to ATIAI. The agency suggested that the brain-Control interfaces may one day play a role in psychedelic therapy.

David Kane, ATI’s Digital Therapeutics ad, told CNBC in a statement:

Thiel’s firm Thiel Capital is a Lead AAIA investors And 2020 125 million in November 2020 and 15 157 million in March. The company is expected to launch an initial public offering in the next few weeks.

Thiel a Techno-Libertarian Who has Long sought Just stopped being a miracle immortal vampire and Become a truth, Funded research at various biotech organizations in fields such as experimental therapy, life extension and transhumanism. He is one of the great advocates of humanity in reaching technological unity, a predictable future where scientific progress is gaining significant, unchanging momentum, resulting in things like creating digital superintendents or eliminating differences between humans and machines. This will probably allow him to live forever, as long as that brain-The control interface is created.

(Disclosure: Thiel secretly filed a lawsuit that bankrupted Gizmodo’s former parent company, Gokar Media.)

Pharmacological research in psychedelics is somewhat less ambitious and generally aims to be similar to that of hallucinogens. Psilocybin And emphatogenes such as LSD, or MDMA, have greater potential for the treatment of mental illness that is neglected or neglected during the fight against drugs. When combined with therapy, research indicates, Psilocybin-containing burdock mushrooms And Anesthetic ketamine May be effective in curing depression, LSD And Ayuska Patients can help kick the addiction, and MDMA Can treat Mental retardation after an accident. Psychodelixes can also help patients express emotion in therapy, and researchers from Johns Hopkins and New York University conducted a large study in 2016. Psilocybin-assisted therapy Was extremely effective in resolving death concerns among patients with malignant cancer.

Beyond the overlapping fields of research, interest in Thai psychology is obvious Personally Scientific American, His closest friend is German financier Christian Anjarmeyer, a promoter of the benefits of the magic mushroom who counted Thiel among his various partners for investing in various psychedelic startups.

One of Cyber’s main rivals, Elon Musk-backed Neurallink, released a video on Friday claiming that it was a monkey playing wirelessly on his brain with a treatment-implanted chip. Pong. Kasturi, who has a history of great foresight and Kader Move quick-and-break-things Psychiatry may be appropriate with brain surgery, Tweeted The first neuralink chip allows paralyzed people to use the phone faster than “someone who uses a thumb” and eventually performs tasks such as allowing paralyzed people to walk again on synthetic materials that act like human organs.

Musk assured that the brain chips would be implanted under the skull and charged wirelessly, so recipients would “look and feel completely normal.”

Professor Andrew Jackson, a neuroscientist at Newcastle University, said Business Insider Monkeys were first introduced to play video games with a brain control interface in 2002, but Neuralink’s work is “definitely new and innovative” because it was done without cables outside the monkey’s brain. Dr Riley Green of Imperial College London told the site that it was important that the monkey looked good, and that it was not surgically mangled or anything like that.

“The best thing I’ve seen from this video is that the macaque is moving freely,” Green told Business Insider. “There are no visible packages attached to it. I would say that this is certainly not a super innovative progress, a great positive step.

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