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Over the past month, AT&T and Verizon have been shutting down potentially fast C-band 5G service, Due to safety concerns from the Federal Aviation Administration. Now, it looks like once again there may be additional delays due to FAA concerns. The two major carriers were scheduled to launch C-band services using the newly purchased frequency on December 5, but the Department of Transportation delayed launching until January 5 after raising concerns about possible interference. According to A letter received by Reuters, The Department of Transportation and the FAA are now seeking two more weeks to study the issue.

In a letter sent to AT&T and Verizon CEOs by Transportation Secretary Pete Butigig and FAA Administrator Steve Dixon, the pair called for a “no more than two weeks” delay. The two made the request as part of a “proposal as a near-term solution to advance the co-existence of 5G deployments in C-band and safe flight operations.” Reuters.

So far the problem has been that pilots will use bad-weather protection systems that could collide with this new C-band 5G technology. The FAA will eventually seek to enact regulations that prohibit pilots from using such systems, The Wall Street Journal Reported in November. Aviation officials have claimed that C-Band 5G is likely to interfere with flights in and around about four dozen cities where C-Band towers are located. Telecom claims that there is no evidence that C-band 5G will endanger flight safety.

That within the structure Reuters The FAA will designate “priority” airports where “a buffer zone will allow aviation to operate safely while the FAA completes its assessment of the potential for intervention,” the report said.

Reuters Both companies say they received the letter. But they have so far stopped agreeing to the additional two-week delay. Needless to say, this suspension will come as unwelcome news to both carriers. Reuters On Friday, the companies accused the aviation industry of holding C-band expansion hostage “until the wireless industry agrees to cover the cost of upgrading an obsolete altimeter,” the report said.

And inside A statement Internal On Saturday, a Verizon spokesman said: “If airlines are so concerned about 5G-related flight cancellations, they need to look at their track record over the past two weeks.” A wave of recent cancellations In COVID-19 case growth. “This industry, which has received $ 54 billion in taxpayer-funding, has been bailed out by the government in the last few years, obviously there are a lot of big issues of concern.”

Officials from the two careers may be as frustrated, however, as Reuters Note the company when they agree to precautionary measures for six months C-Band bought Spectrum in early 2021.

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