Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

Volkswagen Group’s desire Crush records with electric cars Now expanding into one of the toughest off-road challenges in the world. Autblog Report That’s Audi The test begins RSQ E-Tron, a scratch hybrid off-roader, hopes to win an overall victory at the 2022 Dakar Rally. If so, it’s the first electrified go to win a frustrating contest.

The RSQ e-tron relies on two different Formula E motors with one electric drivetrain in each coil. Since you won’t find a charging station in the middle of the desert, however, Audi uses a race-ready TFSI engine as part of an energy converter that charges the battery when driving and braking. It is not a zero-emission car then, but it is in a relatively efficient power band (between 4,500RPM and 6,000RPM) which can reduce the environmental impact of the racer.

The machine should also be highly adapted. Unlike many EVs, the front and rear axles are not mechanically connected – the software manages torque distribution instead. This not only allows the differential of an easily reconstructive center, but also preserves the conventional that is commonly used for conventional differential and perforated.

Audi planned to enter the machine at multiple cross-country rallies in 2021 before attending the Dakar rally in January.

If Audi succeeds, the RSQ E-Tron will create a more powerful case for environmentally friendly endurance racing. While not an authentic EV, it will handle extremely long stages (up to 500 miles) where there are significantly reduced walks. You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Audi wants more than just expensive rights. It expects text lessons from the car in the production car. We will not believe in anything with the same type of drivetrain as the VW group Moving to EVBut it is easy to imagine Electric SUV And crossovers that are more suitable for off-roading.

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