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Audi’s purpose Compete in the toughest assembly in the world using one Electric car Started 15 months ago with a white sheet of paper. Company Its former Rally division closed in the late 1980s, and thanks to staff attrition, Audi lost almost all of the knowledge it had acquired when it won the World Rally Championship in both 1982 and 1984.

Dakar assembly is a punitive off-road tolerance incident of ridiculous proportions. The distance of each stage can go up to 900 kilometers (560 miles) per day. The terrain seen in traditional rallies is much more difficult to cross, so vehicles need to be specially prepared for the task – only modified on-road vehicles will not cut it.

The race originated after Thierry Sabin was lost in the Tener Desert while competing in the 1975 “Cote-Cote” Abidjan-Niss Rally. During this unintentional diversion, he decided that the desert would make a good position for a regular competition. About 182 cars begin the inaugural assembly in Paris. Only 74 people crossed the Sahara and traveled 10,000 km (6,200 miles) to Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

Photo: Michael Kunkel / Audi Communications Motorsport

As a result of the epidemic, with no possibility to fully test any equipment in race conditions, Audi’s goal in this first year Rally Sport was just to finish the call. However, halfway through the event, all three cars are still running, and the team even picked up a victory in the 636km third stage by driving Ralli’s veteran Carlos Sanz at the age of 59. Ongoing, “a party spokesman told Wired.

At first glance, the Audi 2022 Ducker competitor doesn’t have much in common with your average family car. The RSQ E-Tron is a giant toy, 4.5 meters long and two meters long. Beneath the Darth Vader bodywork is a tubular frame, bound with carbon panels and a battery, three electric motors and a petrol engine. It’s safe to assume nothing like driving on a road near you.

So why is Audi doing that? It’s partly Dakar’s prestige, of course: since its inception, the event has become a dialectic for adventure and desert romance. Originally from Paris to Dakar, the incident moved to South America in 2008 after a terrorist attack in North Africa. Despite being geographically displaced, the name remains, and in 2019 Dakar relocated to Saudi Arabia, to bring back the desert origins of the event. Winning the Dakar is still dignified, and 2022 is Audi’s first attempt.

Photo: Michael Prieto / Audi Communications Motorsport

But apart from that, Audi is determined to be a premium electric brand and it wants to win the call with battery power. This is extremely challenging, as competitors must cover up to 600 miles a day, driving through some of the world’s most inaccessible and unpredictable landscapes. They just saw a camel, not an EV charger.

But what Audi sees is an opportunity সুযোগ an opportunity to experiment with an old concept that is making a comeback: Range Extender. It is a battery powered electric car that also has a petrol engine, which acts as a power supply. The engine never drives, it juices the batteries when you drive. Ten years ago, the Range Extender was the “future”: Vauxhall (Buick in the United States) and BMW both offered them, while Audi built a concept car.

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