Aung San Suu Kyi’s representatives hired law enforcement agencies to track junta crimes

There is evidence that Aung San Suu Kyi’s ousted government will be tried by Myanmar’s military junta for crimes against humanity.

When the ruler of General Min Aung Hlaing escalated his alleged assassinations and arrests of opponents, the committee representing Pidangsu Haltu, Formed by Members of Parliament The expelled leader, from the National League for Democracy, has hired a London-based law firm to advise on international legal proceedings.

Voltra Fitter has experience representing clients in international courts and tribunals, including the United Nations International Court of Justice in The Hague.

The law firm also held online meetings with the Independent Investigation Agency for Myanmar, which was established in 2013 by the United Human Rights Council. Violent expulsion of the military Rohingya Muslims from the country’s western Rakhine state. It also released a report of alleged atrocities with UN investigators, said a senior partner and the UN itself.

Robert Voltera, the founding partner of the organization, told the Financial Times: He said it included reports and evidence of “voluntary detention, torture and extrajudicial killings”.

Nicholas Kaumzian, head of IIMM, confirmed that Voltaire’s agency had contacted his office.

“International justice is unfortunately very slow, but it has a long memory,” said U.S. Prosecutor Koumzian. He has previously served on seven international courts, including war crimes and crimes against humanity. Charles Taylor, Former President of Liberia and Cambodian Khmer Rouge Leaders Nun Chia and Khiyu Samphan.

Myanmar’s February 1 uprising kills 715 people from junta

Decided by CRPH, which Seeking international recognition As Myanmar’s legitimate government, it came to share information with UN investigators when citizens shared some sort of footage of the allegations. Atrocities by security forces.

According to a conservative estimate by the Human Rights Watch, a human rights group, 722 people have been killed and more than 3,000 arrested by the junta. Coup February 2.

The IIMM last month called on people to share evidence of arbitrary arrests, torture and disappearances, but called for “extreme caution” through safe communication. Kaumzian said the UN had received thousands of videos and other pieces of evidence and was analyzing them.

Voltra said his law enforcement agency and CRPH’s international ambassador, Sasao, were “suffering from a flood of communication”, adding:

Legal experts hope that junta leaders will eventually be brought to justice for crimes against humanity. ICJ is holding a hearing Genocide case The Gambia brought against Myanmar in 2019 because of the atrocities on the Rohingya.

“The crimes that have taken place since the coup should be investigated without question,” said Kingsley Abbott of the International Commission of Jurists.

“In the face of this, they meet the requirements of crimes against humanity – a widespread or systematic attack on civilians in accordance with the policy of a state – that is the bottom line. [International Criminal Court’s] Rome law. ”

However, Abbott said a possible ICC lawsuit would address “serious obstacles”. Myanmar is not a court of law and needs to be referred to a court of law by the UN Security Council, which includes China and Russia. Neither Moscow nor Beijing Condemned the coup.

Another option is an international justice case brought against Myanmar under universal jurisdiction, where serious international crimes can be tried, regardless of the nationality of the perpetrators or the nationality of the place where the crime took place.

Voltra declined to comment on his legal strategy.

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