Australia drops vaccine target after Astrajanic changes advice

Plan to vaccinate all people at the end of the year for fear of an immediate change in medical advice regarding the use of AstraZeneca after blood clotting.

Australia has abandoned its goal of vaccinating around 26 million people against COVD-19 by 2021 after medical authorities changed their advice on vaccine use for those under 5021.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said Australia will not set any new targets for all first-dose administration.

“The government has neither planned nor set any new targets to complete the first dose,” Morrison wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday. “Although we would like to see these doses completed before the end of the year, it is not possible to set such targets due to the many uncertainties involved.

Australia’s vaccination program was built on the use of the Astragenica vaccine, but regulars took very little precautions as very few rare blood clots were found, mainly among young people who got the job.

Medical authorities last week suggested giving shots to people under the age of 50 instead of Pfizer Bioentech.

The freezing speed of rollouts and slippery targets – the entire public was initially thought to have been vaccinated by the end of October – has even sparked outrage as all cases of coronavirus cases in the country have been dropped.

Morrison said that as of Sunday, 1.1 million people had received their dose, less than the four million who had received their jobs by the end of March.

The AstraZeneca vaccine, which is cheap and easy to transport, was considered the backbone of Australia’s billion-billion-dollar (৩ 5.32 billion) vaccine program, which was to produce half a million doses from abroad and another মিল 50 million for production at one center.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison received his vaccine in February – Pfizer / Bioentech shot – [File: Steven Saphore/AFP]

The government ordered 20 million doses of Pfizer Jab – although about one million deliveries were made – and treatment advice has doubled in the past week after the change.

Critics, including the opposition Labor Party, say the government should have made more deals with vaccine developers to diversify its vaccine portfolio. It has also signed up for the Novavax job, which is still protected from approval and is part of the World Health Organization’s Covax facility.

Morrison assured Australians that another 1,000 GPs would be recruited this week and that 142,000 doses had been given to the elderly in more than 1,000 care homes, with more than 500 beneficiaries having a second dose and more than 446,000.

“We will only work together to produce, distribute and manage vaccines safely and efficiently,” he said, adding that the pace of Australia’s vaccination program was consistent with other countries, including Germany and France, and ahead of Canada and Japan.

Australia’s harsh response to the virus – closing borders, tightening hotel quarantine and an effective testing and tracing system – has largely eliminated COVID-19 so that people can continue their lives as normal.

However, the closure of the border has prevented thousands of Australians from returning to the country, which means that they cannot already return to the country.

Since the onset of the epidemic, there have been fewer than 29,900 cases of coronavirus and 909 deaths.

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