Australia-New Zealand travel bubble will start on 19 April Coronavirus Epidemic News

New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern says she expects to have a face-to-face meeting with her Australian counterpart as soon as the travel bubble begins.

New Zealand will allow Australians to travel separately from April 19, Prime Minister Jacinda Arden said on Tuesday, adding that the Covid-19 should be eliminated by creating a bipartisan “travel bubble” for neighboring countries that have closed their borders around the world. .

While most Australian states have allowed separate visits from New Zealand for months, New Zealand has continued to forcibly separate from its neighbors, raising concerns about the small COVID-19 outbreak there.

The virus has been effectively eradicated in both countries, with a slight outbreak caused by leaks from hidden returnees.

“The trans-Tasman travel bubble marks the beginning of a new chapter in our COVID response and recovery, which people have worked so hard for,” Ardron told reporters in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.

“It makes New Zealand and Australia relatively unique. I know family, friends and significant parts of our economy will welcome it, I know I must.

“I do not see or indicate any country in the world that maintains a strategy of keeping their countries completely secret from each other for international travel, which means that the way we lead the world, I should be proud of both countries I think and I think we’re doing it at the right time

Some other neighboring countries have outlined plans for special travel zones, but the New Zealand-Australia system is one of the first to not involve Covid-19 testing.

Equivalent to 2.3 per cent of Australia’s population and Australia’s fourth largest immigrant community, according to 2015 figures, around 5 people ৮ 6,000 people of New Zealand-descent live in Australia. According to New Zealand, Australia has become New Zealand’s largest trading partner with a trade value of 18.06bn.

Many billions trade

Arden warned that in the event of a local outbreak, several Australian states and their flights could still be suspended.

He said public safety was his government’s “number one priority”.

“We have made sure that we have taken the time right, we have the vigilance and the protocol to be ready for any situation that may occur in New Zealand and Australia, and the security will continue to make our decisions in this way. “

There have been about 29,400 Kavid-19 and 909 deaths recorded in Australia since the epidemic began, while in New Zealand only more than 2,100 confirmed and 26 deaths have been reported.

Australia’s New Delhi newspaper reported that Prime Minister Scott Morrison could “probably be one of the first Australians” to travel to New Zealand when the Travel Gateway opens.

It is a tradition that the leaders of the two countries meet annually, although it was disrupted last year due to epidemics. The report said it was New Zealand’s turn to host the meeting this year.

“I told Prime Minister Scott Morrison yesterday that today is the day the cabinet will make this decision,” Ardron said at the time of the announcement. “The first thing we said was when we could have that face-to-face meeting. Dates are being discussed. I hope it will be soon. “

In a statement on Tuesday, the Australian Airports Association (AAA) welcomed Arden’s announcement that it would “provide the necessary requirements in the aviation and tourism sectors and help boost the confidence of potential travelers”.

AAAA chief executive James Goodwin said: “Our consumer research has shown that Australians are keen to get on the plane and resume their journey by supporting travel bubbles with about 80 per cent of Australian supporting countries where AAAA chief executive James Goodwin said.

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