Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

People in Sydney’s eastern suburbs have been infected locally for more than a month.

Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales (NSW), on Wednesday sent authorities rushing to locate the source of the virus in a locally acquired COVD-19 case for more than a month.

Authorities said on Wednesday that a man in his fifties had visited a cinema, restaurant, a service station and a butcher in the eastern suburbs of Sydney for a positive test for the new coronavirus, authorities said on Wednesday.

NSW State Chief Health Officer at CSN, Kerry Chant, told reporters that the infected person has not recently traveled abroad and does not work in high-risk jobs such as hotel quarantine or hospital.

“So not all of the routes we would expect anyone to transition to are clear,” Chant said. Close acquaintances have been asked to test and self-isolate.

More than 29,800 cases and 910 deaths have been reported in Australia since the epidemic began, with coronavirus outbreaks contained through snap lockdowns, border controls and rapid communication.

For most of this year it has reported zero cases.

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