‘Auto Chess’ is coming to PS5 with haptic response

Before valve (Dota Underlords) And riots (Teamfight strategy) Has introduced its own version of turn-based Autobattlers, for which there was Auto Chess mode Two d. That game is now available as a single Auto Chess, With crossplay linking PC, PS4 and mobile platforms. Now the developer has Dragonst The native PS5 version has been announced to be launched next week, Complete with the help of ultra-fast loading using the console’s fast SSD, upgraded graphics and haptic response on the dualsense controller

We don’t have details on how much force the reaction players will use outside of the news that you will be “pushed” when you win a battle or defeat an enemy player, but it may be interesting to see what the gamepad has added. Did not

Also a new PlayStation-exclusive character, Data Masamune, which can be acquired from the In-Game Store or PlayStation Store. The game will support cross-play with all other platforms, and this happens as Auto Chess launches season eleven with new challenges and “chess passes” of unlockable items.

Separately, the developers have announced changes to the game, including the game A piecemeal system Free skin unlock and a Training camp mode To help new players choose the game. The second is most interesting when it comes to the future of the game and the subgenre as a whole – when some of the games exploded during our quarantine year, the auto fighters seemed to have a lot of speed but didn’t really take it.

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