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Naomi, wearing a striped button-down shirt and pink sweater, is browsing the comic bookstore.

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It doesn’t look like there will be much publicity for the next TV series to join T.He’s CW’s Arrows, Naomi. It’s weird because it comes from Selma ‘s Ava Duverne, And unfortunately because this new trailer for the show – which will premiere tomorrow night – sets it apart from any other DC superhero series on the network.

We saw a glimpse Naomi Time footage DC Fandom This past October incident, which focused solely on her confrontation with Superman in her small Oregon town, left young Naomi McDuffy (Cassie Walfall) mysteriously unconscious. The trailer that Duvarni tweeted today contains much more than that, with a surprisingly inspiring message:

There’s a lot of information here, including the big cast of the show, including Mary-Charles Jones, Cranston Johnson, Alexander Weith, Daniel Puig., Aidan Gemme, Will Meyers, Camila Moreno, Barry Watson, and Law and Order: SVUStephanie March of, among others. We learned that Naomi A Superman mega-fan, complete with blogs; He’s a skateboarder hell; And it seems when he and his friends are there Investigation The secret behind Naomi’s strange reaction to Superman is that they’re going to find out that there’s more to Naomi’s origin than just adoption (some That seems to know a lot about Wraith’s character D).

If you have done so far without knowing Naomi’s privacy, I see no need to spoil it; Suffice it to say, so far his 2019 self-titled first comic seems to be very consistent with his source story with the origins of the DC hero created by writers Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker. But the thing that strikes me the most about the TV series is how cinematic it is Naomi Looks like I shouldn’t be surprised to see Duvarne running the show, but it looks a lot better than other past and present Arrows series, imagining a flashback to a flash or a Batman almost blogging – not that they, at least for one season., As Duverne confirmed last week. (So Superman and Lois‘Don’t stop saying hi after Tyler Hochlin saves the town.’

Naomi T PremierHe will be available CW, and T tomorrow nightOn Wednesday he was the CW app.

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