Tue. May 24th, 2022

Recent Extraordinary game has been completed fast marathon In the book. After giving players another week to show off their skills and roam through the game as soon as possible, AGDQ 2022 raised জন্য 3,416,729 for the Cancer Prevention Foundation. This is a record total for any Games Dawn Quick event in the 12 year history of the company.

According to GDQ’s tracker, The maximum donation was $ 236,656 and the median commitment was $ 25. AGDQ 2022 SpeedRun reaches $ 1 million grant, reaching that threshold faster than any previous GDQ event.

Among the COVID-19 concerns, AGDQ has again only occurred as an online event. Although there were no personal spectators to hype the players, there were some remarkable runs. For example, a runner named Mitcheries used deep knowledge of audio signals and the infamous difficult Sekiro: The shadow dies twice Defeat the game in two hours blindfolded.

Runners also broke some world records during the event, including Bought: Bridge of Spirits, Pumpkin Jack And Webed You can get those runs and everything else from AGDQ Games Dawn Quick YouTube Channel.

GDQ will next host an all-female speedruning event called Frost Fatales, which will take place from February 27th to March 5th. As usual, you’ll be able to watch it live on Twitch. Summer Games Don Quick will return later this year.

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