Sat. May 28th, 2022

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“According to a new blog post, the Ayaneo Air handheld gaming PC will aim to weigh less than the Nintendo Switch OLED model, which comes in at 420g. The device is also set to match the versatile console in size, with the company expressing it’ll be “light and easy to carry.” The portable’s own organic screen boasts an NTSC 109% color gamut, bringing the vibrancy of the screen tech to a Windows machine without hooking up the best gaming monitor.

Ayaneo hasn’t given too much away about its handheld gaming PC’s innards just yet, but it does say it’ll use an AMD APU. The device’s “more beautiful price” suggests it might use a Zen 3 chip, rather than a Ryzen 6000 solution. That said, we don’t actually know how cheap the Ayaneo Air will be, so perhaps we’ll see a spec and price combo that place it in a different league. “

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