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Robin, dressed as Bert Ward, widens his mouth and is shocked as Adam West's Batman puts his hand on his cow in disbelief.

Our feeling is right, Dynamic Duo.
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Even if you know what to expect, looking at 1966 Batman: Movies Today Tragic. Year after year has been hit with serious, decent, big budgets Superhero glasses, It is difficult to understand a film as innocent and self-conscious Based on a popular TV show. Everyone involved is so playful for the idiots, so excited by the wild ideas, So be aware it is a complete nonsense, that the result is not a time-capsule of another era in the history of comic book movies, but rather a reminder of why comic book movies are great in the first place.

Published July 30, 1966, Batman: Movies-DDirected by Leslie H. Martinson and written by Lorenzo Sample Jr.Came out in The The first and second seasons of the hit TV showWhich ran for three seasons from 1966 to 1968. I wasn’t born until 1980, obviously, it’s not something I was aware of even decades later. But growing up ‘80’s90s, especially with Tim Burton Batman Reviving interest in the characters in the film, the original show was plentiful on TV. And I’ve seen it a lot. And, finally, I saw the movie. But this is probably the last time I saw it celebrating its 55th anniversary earlier this week. Of course, I carried Not just nostalgia For the show, But many more decades of superhero luggage, in sight. Which is the important reason to mention here, holy foolishness. I knew Batman: Movies It was going to be a competitionShe is a show camper, tHe camps memes and references to pop culture (bombs, sharks, etc.) from movies, I prepared myself for camping – but It went Even beyond that.

Everything about Batman is a villain.

Everything about Batman is a villain.
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Inside Batman: Movies, Adam West and Bert Ward as Batman and Robin, as well as their substitutes ই Egos Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. But instead of fighting, he is just a supervillainAs they will see on TV every week-Their four biggest opponents stand against them: the Penguin (Burgess Meredith), the Catwoman (Lee Merioweather), the Joker (Caesar Romero), And Ridler (Frank Gershin). That alone deserves the movie and a Excellent level from what you get on TV. From there, the plot, almost too wide to explain. BSimilarly, The Villains –Those who call themselves United Underworld:There is a very complex plan to take over the world, which Batman and Robin fail. The whole thing becomes a bit unsatisfactory, the movie almost reflects on a TV show as the villains make elaborate plans Will only be thwarted repeatedly, big picture long in the background.

Anyone watching movies regularly with plots This was complicated and This is filled by many tangents, will probably dismiss it. Its beauty Batman: Movies What is it Made with such joy, it Anyway entertaining. But you can’t help it DC Surprised at the unreality of everything driven by the superior performance of all the villains. Because make no mistake, while West and Ward are as great as Batman and Robin, it’s the villain. Make the movie as gorgeous as they do on the show. Whether it is Ridler or Joker’s distinctive, cheerful smile, the way Catman always rolls his R’s “pure”, Or the penguin …Everything, everything is absolutely delightful. Then the fact that they are all so, So Bad to be a supervillain. Seriously, the plan of each hair brain is too broad, every opportunity to kill Batman and Robin takes too much time, every puzzle is too little to really get involved with anything. But the actors are all so engrossed in these characters, everything works.

Name the more iconic pair.  All right, wait.

Name the more iconic pair. All right, wait.
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If everyone in the movie doesn’t buy how ridiculous everything is, there’s no way Will work; Like the opening sequence where Batman is hanging from a ladder in the batter and a shark bites him, so he asks Robin to bring him the bat-shark antidote spray.. Or how that spray, with everything, everywhere, perfectly labeled, even inside their own home. Or how Robin and Alfred Bruce follow Go out on a date and always have a perfectly framed camera on him and feel uncomfortable when he starts nodding. Or when the four deadest villains in the world are standing in a room with huge guns and no one Notice Seriously, you can describe all the weird funny scenes that happen in the movie and you will never be bothered.

Which, of course, is the point. It’s not about taking a movie seriously. Batman wandering around with a flaming bomb and constantly finding people or things in his path that won’t let him get rid of doesn’t mean to be dramatic. It’s meant to be funny. The whole movie puts “Comic” in the “Comic Book”. All overThe-Top irrationality, incompetence, completely impossible things that can happen, the purpose of which is to make you enjoy their humor. When Batman and Robin Foam crash into the Rubber Convention, it’s out of the realm of reality that you have to love it.

Basically, Every scene It’s like some level. Batman is fighting a cat with a submarine. He and Robin are just going to be the owners A super molecular dust separator to reunite world leaders. Multiple shots of Bruce Wayne click on the instant costume change lever. Bruce and Dick wear their outfits even when they are alone. Out of place Stock footage from different countries is waiting for Batman and Robin to revive their world leaders. Honestly, watching Batman: Movies After a long time standing on a beach in the distance and the waves of the forest were equal after the waves, Funny things are crashing on me again and again. This is not something that a modern viewer would be able to stand in the case of the character of this starterE. Christopher Nolan Batman Movies or Todd Phillips The Joker Moved so far Putting them in the same category is almost a disadvantage for all of them. But I’m glad they all have and I’m glad this incredible palate cleaner is something that works wonders for her son even after half a century.

Movies in short.  Or should we call the bomb shell.

Movies in short. Or should we call the bomb shell.
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Different music:

  • Although the movie is only 100 minutes long, I think a good 10-15 minutes can be cut Some big budget scenes-Basically those involved with batters and batboats. Everyone is undeniably cool but we don’t need two Every time we see them there are a few minutes of flying or jeeping across the water.
  • Oh, cut off the torpedoes fired from the penguin’s submarine. There are many shooting scenes from the torpedo Penguin submarines and Five people are needed To approve it every time. It’s worrying.
  • Also, Cut out the whole subplot where the penguin goes back to the batcave after dressing up as a human. It’s like a 10 minute scene just to set up how the de-hydrator gun works, but we’ve already seen how it works and it goes away forever with zero pay.
  • You can take a few minutes off if you don’t celebrate the villains you think they killed a few times Batman and Robin. It happens a lot.
  • If this villain Wanted to do some damage, maybe they should use rockets that they are very good at shooting to kill people instead of exploding. Which makes puzzles in the clouds.
  • The scenes of Adam West in the character of Bruce Wayne are interesting in that they show him fighting a secret identity, which adds some depth to the picture, but how comfortable it feels to be West Batman instead of Bruce. The Bruce scene is all very, very awkward.
  • Everything in the film is clearly dated but a few things are as bad as the title when Bruce Wayne is abducted. They read “Bruce Wayne and Girl Companion Kidnapped” followed by “Attractive Girlfriend Brazen Snatched”. Glad she was just her partner and it was more important to mention her appearance than anything else. But hey, it was the 1960s, which is basically what you can tell about the whole movie.

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