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Ben Affleck as George Reeves' Superman in Hollywood.

Ben Affleck as Superman? This was discussed long before Hollywood 2006, seen here.
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There are some more interesting stories than the stories of pop culture But those projects were in development Never happened. George Miller Justice League. James Cameron Spiders are human. Tim Burton Superman. And that last man of steel has a better source story than himself. At one point, it was Kevin Smith Superman.

In a new interview for Yahoo show tHe never was, Director Clerk, Mallara, And I’m in a hurryY. How, later told the story Mallarats, He found himself writing a Superman script based on the famous DC story of the early 1990s. “Superman Death” For her two Mallarats Co-star

“I was writing for it [Ben] Affleck, “said Smith. “Ben was warming up. Like he was there. I think he was hired for that Armageddon. Aflek, he’s a fucking giant, like he’s made superheroes, like giant action figures, especially at heights. And then he put the muscles in there too. So in my head and heart, it was always Ben and Michael Rucker, which was a weird one Mallarats Reunion. “

Smith found himself writing the script that he had previously developed Warner Bros. Superman Rebirth. “[I said] ‘Oh God, it’s terrible. The whole script, [it’s like] Those who wrote it did not understand Superman at all. It’s kind of blinking and stuff. There is a way, to say it is a faithful … aThe audience appreciates taking it seriously, “said Smith.

So he wrote his script but then got into trouble with producer John Peters, who controlled the rights at the time. There was a very, very different version of Peters from fans of Smith’s comic books, especially when it comes to casting. Peters wanted recent Oscar winner Shawn Penn. “She goes,” he said, looking into her eyes [Dead Man Walking]. She [got] Haunted eyes, the eyes of a murderer, ‘says Smith Peters. “And I was like, ‘Dude, this is Superman. You know, most people don’t think of Superman that way.’ But he wanted to reinvent it. He wanted something rough, graphic, And big-Up he basically wanted just like Jack Snyder.

To do this, Warner Bros. hired the man who recently did it for Batman Tim Burton. Burton cast Nicholas Cage and threw him out Smith’s script is complete, wThis is a completely different story (and Documentary, Call Death of Superman Live; It is Excellent You can get it) But Smith, and Peters alike, both had good ideas for Superman. They happened decades before the world was ready. Affleck even finished the Superman game, one of a kind; HAnd illustrated Hurry up On-screen Superman George Reeves Mystery in 2006 noir Hollywood.

Read, and listen, Smith’s more The story ends at Yahoo.

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