Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

The silhouettes of Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, and Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, stand in front of Gotham City at dawn.

Screenshot: Warner Bros.

A new look Matt Reeves’ Batman Here it is, and it’s big on action – plus when you really, really tick off Robert Pattinson Young, raw avatar Of The protagonist of the legendary DC Comics.

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment released today as part of the DC Fandom event, Reeves’ new Batman trailerThe other Batman Is and Will Available, of course – the reboot creates a lot of footage that we first saw when it debuted The end Events of the year. Bruce has a wet beatdown in the rain with some clown-makeup-clad thugs, and he has a more fiery look at new angles of action, such as Oswald Cobalpot, aka The Penguin (Colin Farrell), and the funeral car. Crash but there’s a lot more focus on the characters that we only saw in the first TJ, in particular Zoë Selina Kyle of Kravits.

Contrary to all the rage Bruce expresses while trying to figure out what kind of man is sitting behind Batman’s angry mask, we find some moments of intimacy between him and Selina. In addition, we get a fairly good glimpse of Paul Dano as Ridler (and his tendency to question marks in the most difficult places), Andy Sarkis As Alfred, and even Jeffrey Wright look a little better at Commissioner Gordon. But for all of our glimpses, the focus here is on the explosive rage described above, as Bruce turns his new personality into a terrifying irresistible force as the Dark Knight – whether it’s a spray of bullets (or six) or an attempt. Start his new journey In scrap. Nothing seems to be going to stop this Batman … maybe something other than his own anger.

No doubt we’ll find out more about what this latest Batman tick does as we get closer. BatmanIts release date is March 4, 2022. Dead parents? I bet It’s dead parents.

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