Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Battlefield 2042, The next entry in EA’s long-running first-person shooter series has been delayed. Instead of the previously announced October 22nd, the game is now set to launch on November 19th, almost a month later. EA announces delay a Message to Oscar Gabrielson, CEO of Series Developer Dice. Like many other studios in the last two years, DICE has blamed delays for the coronavirus epidemic.

“In terms of the level of play and the opportunity, we expected our teams to return to our studio when we move on to the launch,” Gabrielson said. “Because of the ongoing situation that doesn’t allow it to happen safely and the teams work all hard from home, we think it’s important for our players to take the extra time to give the Battlefield 2042 a vision.”

Dice has promised to share the promise Battlefield 2042’s Upcoming open beta later this month. Although the delay means series fans will have to wait longer to play the 2018 sequel Battlefield 5, It is still coming out in 2021 Dyeing light 2 And The horizon is forbidden west.

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