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As a way of revealing the features of a major game these days, there is drip-feeding information about EA For the past few months. To put it bluntly, it only draws the Hazard Zone screen, one of the three main modes of the game, a month ago. .

Get off the field, recover the data drive and escape through an extraction point before a storm can lose you or enemies can take you out. Only two teams can make it, as only a few extraction windows will pop up in random places (although only one player has to come out to win their team). The matches will last up to 20 minutes and will be held across seven Battlefield 2042Map of.

Survival is the key here. You only have one life, but one of your three teammates can resurrect you if you are killed. Once your entire team is wiped out, it’s over. Still, if you sneeze enough, you can win a match without firing a shot. Some of the satellites will already be on the ground at the start of the game and much more will go down as the round progresses, so you have to adjust your strategy as you go.

Before the start of a round, you and your teammates can get themselves out with gadgets. Players can use the money earned in previous matches (primarily made with data drives) to buy gear-like gear scanners that show the location of the data drive, a healing upgrade, and a squad ready call-in. The latter allows you to resurrect dead squad mates; Otherwise, you’ll need to find a re-employment uplink somewhere on the map to get your friends back.

All the XP you earn will go towards your overall Battlefield 2042 progression, which will raise your player level and unlock weapons. Teams are made up of unique characters – players need to find their experts and loadouts that work consistently to increase their chances of success.

The Hazard Zone is not the royal mode of battle at all, since you don’t have to be the last squad to stand to win. Instead, it sounds objective-oriented and actually sounds a bit like Ubisoft’s recently announced (and delayed) main mode. . Like the others Battlefield 2042 Mode, Hazard Zone supports players on Xbox One and PlayStation On.

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