‘Battlefield 6’ is available for the latest Zen game consoles

You won’t spring for one PlayStation 5 Or Xbox Series X./S. To play the next Battlefield Game According to Per Eurogamer, EA chief Andrew Wilson Says investors That Battlefield 6 (Or whatever it is called) “Available on both current and next-gen” consoles. The new title will focus on the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, but you won’t need a newer system to play.

Wilson said future published physics, AI and “will take advantage of the latest hardware to improve immersive nature”.

There are EA and dice Teased A revelation for the upcoming Battlefield In June, though, it wouldn’t be surprising to have a full launch at the July 22 EA Play Live virtual event.

The decision to maintain inheritance support is not entirely surprising. The PS5 and newer Xbox models are still young, and Ongoing crisis Has further limited the number of systems in gamers’ living rooms. Only 8.6 million PS5s were sold here at the end of March, for example, EAs compared to 112.2 million PS4s at the end of 2020. Millions of sales will not be lost if it restricts important game franchises to new consoles and the situation is less likely to improve over time. Battlefield Readily available.

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