Beaten Matt will reprimand Putin over the JBS hack

Joe Biden will reprimand Vladimir Putin Cyber ​​attack on JBSThe White House said Wednesday that the world’s largest meat processor, when the two presidents met at the end of these two months, and the United States does not refuse to take revenge on the suspected criminal, the White House said Wednesday.

The Sao Paulo-based meat company was the victim of a ransom attack that forced North America and Australia to shut down most activities and cut off the work of several thousand workers this week. The incident raises concerns about food security in the United States.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Russian military base.

JBS resumed most of its North American operations on Wednesday, although union representatives said at least one shift at its main beef plant in Grole, Colorado, had been canceled.

The White House said the president had previously expressed concern about the attack with the Russian president. Peak 1 June between the two leaders in Geneva.

White House Press Secretary Jane Sosaki said, “We expect the summit to become one of the topics of discussion between the president and the president.”

Asked if the United States was considering launching its own cyber-attacks against the suspects, Sosaki said: “It is not acceptable in the United States to harbor criminals with significant infrastructural damage. We are not going to stand side by side. We will raise it and we will not take options out of the table.

Some U.S. cyber experts have called on the Biden administration to be more aggressive in its fight against the growing number of critical businesses. Colon Colonial Fuel PipelineWhich was temporarily shut down last month by hackers who forced the company to pay more than 4 million in ransom.

Chris Krebs, former head of the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Agency, told the Financial Times earlier this year that the U.S. military Start your own cyber attack Against suspected ransomware gang.

The Kremlin responded to allegations of Russian involvement in the JBS attack by saying it had no information on who was behind it, but would respond to any official request for assistance.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters: “I know nothing about this. “Some communication is being maintained through diplomatic channels. . . If the Americans bring a complaint, obviously, they will be processed in a faster manner instead. “

JBS controls about 20 percent of meat processing in the United States. The cyber-attack forced the company to shut down its Grille plant and a facility in Cactus, Texas. It also canceled a beef plant in Brooks, Alberta, Canada, and multiple facilities in Australia.

The meat-processing industry relies on software and IT systems for animal search and selection and keeps records to meet regulatory standards.

Australian authorities said JBS began limited operations in Victoria and New South Wales on Wednesday with some processing facilities and expects to resume operations in Queensland on Thursday.

As many as 1,000 casual employees have resigned in the country as a result of the cyber-attack, but a person with knowledge of recovery plans is hopeful that the company will start working in phases in the next 24-48 hours.

“JBS has been working with us, the Department of Agriculture, and trying to bring themselves back and make sure they have this protocol in the vicinity of quality assurance,” said Australian Agriculture Minister Dade Littleproud. He added that the government is working with international partners to find the perpetrators and bring them to account.

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