Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

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As well as a Extensive airpod sales Today, Bits new studio buds Amazon has got a new record-low price. Online retailers have wireless earbuds at $ 125, or $ 25 from their normal price and $ 5 less than their previous low. All three colors are on sale, so you can choose from black, red or white and get the same savings.

Buy Beats Studio Bud on Amazon – $ 125

Bits has finally come up with a pair of wireless earbuds that will make the public happy. Studio Buds has fascinated us enough to give these away Score 84, And we consider them The best bits earbud for most people. They have a small, comfortable design with IPX4 water resistance, which will make them a good companion during workouts. The sound quality is (surprisingly) good with Panchi Lightning, and they also support Apple’s exclusive audio features. It is good to discard active noise and it uses adaptive profit control to adjust in real-time based on the sounds in your environment. Although ANC will affect battery life, you will be able to use five to eight hours on a single charge.

Since they are technically Apple earbuds, the Beats Studio Bud has an H1 chip inside, which allows them to easily pair and switch between Apple devices. But Android users can now get some of the benefits that Studio Buds Fast Pair supports, a feature that allows Android devices to quickly recognize buds during the initial setup. Earbuds work with Find My Device on Android, so you can always see their latest known location.

Studio Bud has some downsides though. Significantly, their case does not support wireless charging, and they do not have onboard volume control or sound customization. However, Beats fans will probably ignore those flaws with a sound profile of an attractive, reliable wireless earbuds that they will surely enjoy.

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