Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

It will be an SEV when Bentley unveils its first Ultric electronic model in the mid-decade, according to CEO Adrian Hallmark. “If you’re not into SEOVs, you’re nowhere,” he tells the executive Car Magazine (Via) Autblog) Adds “2025 is the right time for us.”

Hallmark did not elaborate on the car but said that Bentley plans to make it on top of Audi. Project Artemis Audi CEO Marcus Dewsman mentioned in Chassis 2020 that the platform would be ready by early 2024. Hallmark comments that Bentley will be one of the first brands under the Volkswagen Group’s umbrella to take advantage of the platform. “With our current cars, most of us had to go into engineering after them [the platforms] Done, “Hallmark said.” Now the difference is that with Artemis we got right there in the beginning, helping to define it. We are not leading it, but we will benefit from it. “

Meanwhile, healthy heel customers should expect to see more partial electrification of Bentley’s lineup. Last year, the company announced that it would release plug-in versions of all its models By 2023, By 2026 all of its cars will be fully electric or hybrid.

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