Beyond change Trump’s immigration policies

The incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden warned on Tuesday that no transformational change in the immigration system would happen overnight, trying to match expectations that a Democrat in the White House would quickly unveil the Trump administration’s tough and chaotic policies of the year.

Transition officials, however, have discussed plans to change the procedure for asylum seekers at the southern border. The incoming administration says it wants to identify the most at-risk immigrants and process their claims first – on a first-come, first-served basis.

The change is part of Biden’s plan to fully reconsider asylum processing, transition officials told reporters in a call.

“The goal is to change the way people are greeted at the border, to make the process more efficient, to make it smoother, to make it more humane,” said a Biden transition official. “This means enabling asylum officers to try claims so that asylum seekers are not involved in court proceedings year after year.”

The Trump administration has imposed strict restrictions on immigrants – and all the accompanying policy, operational and logistical changes – that mean the system needs to be restored with caution, a Biden transition official said.

“It’s a huge challenge, really, because the current administration has broken so many things,” a passing official said.

The Trump administration has issued an order citing this Extreme, It effectively prevents most immigrants from accessing the U.S. immigration system. Prior to the epidemic, border officers controlled how many immigrants were allowed to enter the United States at official crossings to request asylum, a process known as row management or “metering.”

A Biden transition official said the administration intends to end the metering that began under the Obama administration because it artificially limits power, reduces access to the country’s immigration system and prevents immigrants from seeking protection in the United States. Office of the Inspector General of Homeland Security in October Report Authorities in the United States who rejected asylum seekers at the official border told immigrants that they had no place to process them, regardless of whether they could actually do so.

Their plan differs from metering because the purpose is to increase processing at the border and give priority to those who need maximum protection, a Biden transition official said. The most vulnerable migrants will be identified on the ground with the help of NGOs.

“Right now people are sleeping outside the port of entry to maintain stability in place and this is a terrible situation when we are having a public health crisis,” said a Biden transition official. “The plan is to partner with companies in Mexico” to ensure that we are cooperating with people waiting to arrive at the port and processing them effectively. “

Biden’s choice to lead the Domestic Policy Council, and National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan, told the Spanish-language news agency that the conversation with reporters took place a day after Susan Rice. EFE It will take months to fully recover asylum processing at the border.

“Processing capacity at the border is not like a light that you can simply turn on and off,” Rice told AFP. “Immigrants and asylum-seekers in the region who hold this view must not believe that the border will suddenly be open for processing on the first day.”

Rice said the Biden administration would work with civil society, the private sector, government and international partners to address the root causes of the migration. The administration says it expects to implement a four-year plan to increase billions of dollars, curb corruption, increase security and bring prosperity to areas where people are fleeing.

“We know that most people would not choose to leave their country and risk their lives and the lives of their families unless the conditions at home are more dangerous than migration,” Rice told AFP.

Another plan is to expand immigration legal avenues that allow people from within the Western Hemisphere, including Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, to apply for refugee resettlement, temporary workers and other employment-based programs.

Sullivan said the Biden administration would not immediately end Trump’s Immigrant Protection Protocol (MPP), which forces immigrants to wait in Mexico after immigration cases in the United States are completed. The Biden administration plans to finish it early.

“The MPP has been a disaster from the beginning and there has been a humanitarian crisis in northern Mexico. But the new policy will take time to implement,” Sullivan said. “The current administration has largely broken down the requirements to ensure safe and orderly processing of migrants. We need time to increase processing capacity and adapt to public health requirements.”

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