Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Plant-based chicken alternatives are coming to KFC restaurants across the US. You’ll be able to pick up fried chicken à la carte as part of the first plant-based combo meal in the fast food chain starting January 10th. The item will be available on the KFC menu for a limited time and while in stock (which may not last long based on previous runs). It starts at $ 7, though the price will vary depending on the location.

Beyond Fried Chicken, which made Beyond Meat exclusively for KFC, A restaurant in Atlanta in 2019. Lines lined up around the restaurant, selling plant-based items . Other test runs took place at restaurants in Nashville, Charlotte and Southern California in 2020, with subsequent locations selling Beyond Fried Chicken within a week.

If you miss Beyond Fried Chicken during this race, you’ll still be able to find Beyond Meat chicken alternatives elsewhere. Some grocery stores The company’s “chicken” tender a few months ago.

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