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Biden Net Neutrality Champion Jessica Rosenwarsell Nominated As FCC Head Image For Title Article

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Joe Biden nominated Jessica Rosenwarsell as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission nine months later. As long-time Commissioner Rosenwarsell was filling his chair, we were staring at the desk, wondering why Biden would not just pull the trigger. While Biden was waiting, the FCC was powerless to do much; With one vacancy for the fifth commissioner’s seat, the FCC split a 2-2 Democrat and a Republican. It could easily reach the Republican majority, as Rosenversell’s term is due to expire in January 2022.

Biden’s co-founder Gigi Son has been nominated Public Knowledge– An organization with net neutrality which was a popular topic of “net neutrality” – written in its original mission to fill the seat of the fifth commissioner.

Rosenwarsell, the first woman nominee for the job, is a natural pick for the Biden agenda. He is the champion in net neutrality, spear-led A fund Schools have been pressured to buy connected devices, to get emergency services for less service Students online From home (close the “homework gap”), and lead a RoboCall crackdown effort.

Fortunately, he is not under Section 230, a repeal The idea is biden There are toys with.

Rosenwarsell is a strong candidate to turn the ship around after years of shouting in the air during the tenure of former chairman Ajit Pai., Which in many ways represents how much damage the Trump administration was able to do in a short period of time. (Check it out Stand up set Monopoly jumped on his reputation for calming down telecom.) Rosenversell criticized him for doing nothing about it. Location tracking, Canceled Net neutrality rules, and Making excuses Refrain from sending WiFi hotspots for schools. He disagreed when the FCC (from The joy of pie) T-Mobile and Sprint voted in favor of the merger, leaving the United States Three major cell phone carriers. He added that the FCC had “excessive discussions and hid this decision from the public.”

The Senate must confirm them by the end of December. If approved, Rosenworcel, Sohn, and fellow Democrats Geoffrey Starks have cut their work for them.

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