Biden is open to raising corporation taxes in infrastructure talks

According to people familiar with the talks, if enough Republicans agree to support an increase in infrastructure spending, Joe Biden is ready to drop his demand for an increase in U.S. corporation tax rates.

Inspired by his door-to-door bilateral agreement to spend an additional দশ 10 million over the next decade to upgrade roads, bridges and broadband networks across the country with the goal of a U.S. president’s concessions.

The U.S. president originally wanted to fund the plan by raising the corporate income tax rate from 21 percent to 26 percent, but Republicans are opposed to it because it could hurt the economy and partly reluctant to sign Donald Trump’s tax. Cut.

In a meeting Wednesday with West Virginia Senator and Republican negotiator Shelley Moore Capito, Biden said he was willing to drop his insistence on raising corporate income taxes in the interests of a bilateral agreement.

He suggested, however, that new infrastructural expenditures should be financed by enacting more aggressive tax laws to enrich wealthy families through internal revenue services. And he wants to impose a 15 percent minimum tax on businesses so they can’t take advantage of loopholes which means they pay very little or nothing.

This does not mean that he is jetting out his overall position on the issue [Trump tax cuts] And the wealthy taxpayer and the corporation or its overall plan, ”said one person familiar with the discussion. “But. . . In the context of this discussion, in particular, in the interest of finding a real deal across the waterway, this is what he came up with. ”

Biden’s move comes ahead of a self-imposed deadline next week to continue negotiating infrastructure with Republicans, or to dig them up and try to pass the package using thin democratic forces in Congress.

The White House said the U.S. president is expected to “reconnect” with Capito on Friday to discuss the situation.

The decision to cancel Biden’s bid for a corporate income tax increase could only be temporary and limited to Republican negotiations. If the US president alone concludes talks with Democrats on an additional spending package, the issue of raising corporate income taxes is likely to return to the table.

Yet, the president’s move, first published by the Washington Post, highlights the political problem of raising any revenue in the face of full Republican opposition. The US president is aiming to further increase personal capital – including capital gains and dividends – on rich people to fund his economic agenda.

The waiver granted by the US president in the Republican talks is related to domestic taxes and is separate from his proposals for international corporate tax reform.

On the global front, Biden is seeking an agreement with other countries to set a minimum of 15 percent tax to remove incentives for tax exemptions and shifting places of profit in low-tax countries.

In the coming days, G7 finance ministers will discuss the US plan in London, possibly a step towards a global tax policy on staging for a more comprehensive agreement at the OECD and G20 levels.

Biden’s infrastructure plan is valued at ৩ 2.3tn in late March, but during negotiations with Capito, he has gradually lowered his target as the Republican Party has risen to the top in terms of how much it is willing to spend.

A possible compromise could be found with a price tag of just over $ 1tn, but it’s not yet clear if both parties will find that affectionate.

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