Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Pictures for the Biden Administration article call on 30 countries to discuss solutions to the ransomware threat

Pictures: Drew Anger (Getty Images)

The Biden administration plans to meet with officials in dozens of countries later this month to try to better coordinate against cybercriminals, especially ransomware.

“This month, the United States will bring together 30 countries to accelerate our cooperation in combating cybercrime, improve law enforcement cooperation, prevent the illegal use of cryptocurrencies, and engage diplomatically.” Said In a statement Published Friday. Biden added that the United States is “working closely with countries around the world” on issues including the G7 and NATO allies, and that his administration is “committed to bringing the full force of our capabilities to deter malicious cyber activities.”

It is not clear which countries will attend the upcoming meeting or when it will be held CNN reported This will be part of a “repeat effort”. The first meeting will be hosted by the White House National Security Council.

The opportunity to hold such a summit for foreign leaders is a promising development, as experts have done Long recommended That requires international coordination to effectively fight cybercrime. For most of the history of ransomware attacks, the perpetrators have largely remained out of reach – not only because such crimes may have occurred under the guise of online privacy, but because hackers are almost always in different countries than their victims. As a result, large-scale international coordination is needed to identify, locate and extradite the perpetrators.

However, the level at which cybercrime has increased in recent years may now force leaders to address this long-standing problem. Later Torrent Since the cyber-attack earlier this year, the Biden administration has made fighting ransomware a central fixture on its agenda, announcing new programs and partnerships to deal with the threat. It has a new inclusion Special staff In the judiciary, Meeting With the private sector, a Executive order, And New Punishment From the Treasury Department The goal of crypto exchange is to act as a safe haven for criminals.

A White House official said in the wake of Friday’s announcement Told Reuters That administration was interested in noting the “misuse of virtual currency in ransom payments” and they plan to “investigate and prosecute ransom offenders” in the future.

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