Biden should call for the return of China

One of the prominent associates of the National University of Singapore, the author of the authorChina won?

In Alaska last month, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan, Public dressing down To China’s top foreign policy officials, Yang Jiachi and Wang Yi, on democracy and human rights, they relied on the trust that the United States knew how to win slowly and patiently against the communist enemy.

Yet even if America wins the Cold War, China can better understand why Soviet communism failed. It is determined not to make the same mistake.

China’s analysis matches that of US strategist George Kennan. Canaan Predict wisely That Cold War will be determined by Washington’s power to “create in the people of the world the impression of a country in general that a country knows what it wants, which is successfully dealing with the problems of its internal life and the responsibilities of a world power.” The Union was ahead in all three cases, not Vis-a-V-China.

The first indicator of Soviet collapse came from a negative trend in social wellness indicators: life expectancy, infant mortality, suicide, opioid (or alcohol) addiction. Today it is the United States doing the worst. Unlike other advanced associations, US lifespan The quality of education for US adolescents is declining Walk slowly backwards Many developed industrial countries.

If Canaan had survived today, he would have been shocked by America’s spending T 5tn During the unnecessary war, when the bottom 50 percent of Americans saw their incomes stagnate for decades. There’s one “Sea of ​​Despair” Within the white working class.

China is doing the opposite of the former Soviet Union. China believes that the Soviet leaders failed because they lost contact with their own people while ignoring their welfare while engaged in foreign wars. China has not fought a major war in 40 years. Unlike the Soviet Union, it controls military spending.

No country has been able to improve the well-being of its people like China. In terms of human development, the last 40 years have been the best four decades in China’s history.

China still faces many internal problems. Success is not guaranteed. Yet the life of the Chinese has never improved against a background of humiliation and suffering for a century or more. Thus, the US Cold War strategy will not work.

The Biden administration continues to make strategic mistakes in pursuing Donald Trump’s policy on China. Curiously, Biden himself announced Trump’s trade war in 2019 failed to help U.S. workers. The data supports Biden’s assessment. In 2009, the size of the Chinese retail market was $ 1.4tn compared to t 4tn in the United States. By 2019, three years after Trump’s trade war, the Chinese market Was close to 6tn dollars, Larger than 5.5ttn in the United States.

Even if the Biden administration wants to change things about China, it will only increase anti-China sentiment in US politics. The wise steps taken under Trump remain: off Consulate of China In Houston, Limitations On Chinese journalists, the end Peace Corps and Fulbright Scholarships Program in China.

Officials in the Biden administration are clearly afraid to portray China as “soft.” However, if they want, they can make a strong case to reverse Trump’s policies. They may point to the fact that the Trump administration actually strengthened China and its president, Xi Jinping. How?

The Chinese people will see that their government has protected them well in the Kovid-19 emergency. Meanwhile, the Trump administration was shocked, resulting in death More than half a million Americans. When US Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also insulted China, they only strengthened the position of the Chinese government. Similarly, most Chinese thought that their policymakers had won the people’s argument in Alaska. Similarly, many other Asians did.

All of this points to an intelligent course available to the Beadon administration. Just as Biden did, it should also declare that Trump was wrong about China. The break button should then be pressed in the US-China geopolitical contest, when it comes to assessing whether Washington can devise a better strategy against such a rival.

The end of the trade war with China will boost economic growth in the United States, helping Biden in the mid-2022 election. And most people in the world will rejoice if the Biden administration presses the break button, especially when the Covid-19 is still running.

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