Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

In the polls, the US president is out to strengthen public support for his spending and climate proposals.

President Joe Biden is on his way to California to bolster political support in the largest U.S. state, plagued by devastating wildfires, for the Democrats’ massive spending plans, which include measures to combat climate change.

Biden will also use the trip to the West Coast that begins Monday to support fellow Democrat Govin Newsom, California Gov., who will undergo a recall on Sept. 14.

More than 6,800 large and small wildfires have made an estimated 689,000 acres (1.7 million acres) in California alone this season. The waves were fueled by extremely hot, dry conditions and chronic drought which according to experts a due to climate change.

The US Congress promotes two major expenditures – a $ 1 billion infrastructure investment and a $ 3.5 billion budget package provisions to reduce carbon emissions and move the US to clean energy. But Biden faces Republican opposition and he needs all the support he can get from the Democrats to adopt both measures.

“Climate change poses an existential threat to our lives, to our economy,” Biden warned the American public during a visit to New York last week after floods and strong winds from a powerful Atlantic hurricane Ida killed 91 people in 10 states has.

“The threat is here. It’s not going to get any better. The question: can it get worse? Can we stop it from getting worse? Biden said.

Biden has approved a disaster statement for California that allows for more federal support to the state, and will make comments in Sacramento, the state capital, after inflicting the damage caused by the Caldor Fire.

Susan Mascorella shows on September 12 a picture of what her home looked like before it was destroyed by Caldor Fire in Grizzly Flats, California [Fred Greaves/Reuters]

Fire since mid-August the Caldor Fire was 67 percent contained and injured five people and destroyed more than 1,000 buildings and homes.

The larger, Dixie Fire, which would apparently become the largest single fire in the state ever, has been burning since July 14 and has spread across five provinces, burning 388,633 acres (960,335 acres) and containing 67% according to CAL FIRE. California fires have so far burned more than 890,308 acres (2.2 million acres) this fire season.

Biden will promote the administration’s rare use of the Defense Production Act, which is used to promote 668 km of fire hoses for the U.S. Parking Service to fight the western fires.

Biden visited the U.S. National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho on Monday, where authorities are waging a massive battle against hundreds of wildfires burning in western North America, from California to Canada.

Biden will join Governor Newsom on Monday in an election rally in Long Beach, California, to increase voter turnout as opposed to Republican-led drive to recall Newsom. Polls suggest Newsom is likely to remain in office, but the repeal encouraged Republicans.

The White House is trying to turn the corner after a difficult month that lasted through a chaotic and violent withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan and the growing Delta variant, the COVID-19 virus, with hospitalizations and deaths in the United States.

Opinion polls suggest that Americans’ approval of Biden has declined in recent weeks, with the number of voters not approving how he handles his work outweighing those approving for the first time since the November 2020 election, according to an average of surveys counted by RealClearPolitics.

Aerial photo by Los Angeles County Fire Department shows a wildfire that temporarily halted Interstate 5, a major north-south highway, in California on September 11 [Los Angeles County Fire Air Operations via AP]

Biden acknowledged over the weekend that his ballot box numbers had dropped, but argued that his agenda was “overwhelmingly popular” with Americans. He said he expects his Republican opponents to attack him, instead of debating the merits of his plans.

“You’re going to see a lot more direct attacks on me, and I understand that, not what I’m meant for,” Biden told reporters on Saturday.

In addition to the Republican opposition, Biden must overcome the skepticism of two central Democrats in the equally divided U.S. Senate.

Democrats Virginia Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Cinema of Arizona have expressed concern about the size of the $ 3.5 billion spending package. Biden needs ‘yes’ votes from both to approve his plans.

The climate provisions in Biden’s budget include tax incentives for clean energy and electric vehicles, investments to turn the economy off from fossil fuels and to renewable sources such as wind and solar power, and the establishment of a civilian climate corps.

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