Biden’s alleged Venmo account was found in less than 10 minutes

The image of President Biden's alleged Venmo account was found less than 10 minutes later and then disappeared immediately.

Pictures: Patrick Semansky (AP)

It all starts with a passing mention. Friday, The New York Times Published a feature story About what life was like in President Joe Biden’s White House. In the feature, the channel mentions that Biden sent money to his grandchildren using Vanmo, which was used for interrogation “Oh?” Really from you though I wasn’t the only one interested. Same day, folks BuzzFeed News The president’s Venmo account was reportedly found.

According to BuzzFeed’s interesting account, which you can read perfectly Here, Using the app’s search tools and the Public Friends feature, it took less than 10 minutes to get Biden’s preferred account on Venmo. The outlet has been seen as an account of about a dozen members of the Biden family, such as First Lady Jill Biden, as well as senior White House officials and their own contacts on the app.

The incident has set off alarm bells in the digital security community and puts Venmore on a Most criticized Features, Its public friendlist, in the spotlight. PayPal-owned Venmo does not allow users to personalize their friends list. In fact, BuzzFeed said he was able to easily verify Biden’s account by looking at people he was connected to, like Jill Biden.

The application had fewer than 10 friends of the president, it was found. In comparison, the first lady’s account had several friends, including a helper, a Biden employee, a family member, and an account that appeared to be Hunter Biden, the president’s son. And while having a public friend list doesn’t seem like a big deal to anyone, experts say it could enable baton charges, harassment, espionage and deception.

After BuzzFeed arrives at the White House for the story, his connections to Biden’s public friend list have been deleted (the app allows you to Remove friends These are manually unfriended). Towards the end of Friday, BuzzFeed reported that accounts related to the president and Jill Biden had disappeared.

Users have not been named for accounts that include national security concerns involving Joe Biden, Jill Biden, the Biden family and White House officials.

On Saturday, Gizmodo reached out to Venmore for a comment on the matter. We asked Venmo if the app has specific protections for high-profile people who use it but have not received any feedback.

“The safety and privacy of all Venmo users and their information is always a top priority, and we take this responsibility very seriously,” Venmo said in a statement. “Customers always have the ability to personalize their transactions and set their own privacy settings in the app. We’re constantly evolving and strengthening the privacy system to continue providing a secure, secure place for all Venmo users to send and spend money. ”

This is not a new problem. Venmo has been critical of his public friend list for many years. In 2018, The Wall Street Journal asked it Why users could not keep their lists private.

“Because Venmo was created to share experiences with your friends in today’s social world, we try to make it as easy as possible to communicate with other Venmo users,” a spokesman said at the time.

Personally, I prefer protection to sharing experiences any day of the week. However, the big thing here is that we hear a lot lately: Likes. Maybe I don’t want to share my transaction or my friends list, but maybe my neighbor does it. We should share – and if we do, we should be fully aware of the risks and not be forced to do so, because Venmo was “designed” that way.

As far as President Biden’s intended Venmo account goes, there is no doubt that the President will not create a national security crisis when he tries to send money to some of his grandchildren. While it is clear that the White House should have taken precautions and appropriate action in this case, Venmore should also have made security a priority. It apparently didn’t.

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