Bill and Melinda Gates divorce memes are freaking me out

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First let’s get one thing out: Memes aren’t supposed to be comfortable or beautiful. Hopefully they would provoke laughter, but they weren’t doing it at the expense of others. I got it all. Still, I want to say, all of these memes about the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates leave me.

For those who haven’t seen them, memes take on two different flavors: some cast Microsoft cofounder As rich, newly single people are looking for love. Somewhat rhythmic with the idea that unmarried, low-wealth women may be looking for His. Others compare it somewhat to the divorce of Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos. They’re all right, I guess. “Microsoft” has puril pangs, but most of them spread So 1995. It’s not horrible about horny Twitter but it’s just leaving it alone.

Bill and Melinda Gates are two very rich people who have a lot of important work to do. The chances of seeing these memes are very low for anyone who doesn’t have the chance to be alone with a butt-injury about them. But that’s what makes it so annoying. Despite being deeply rooted in technology, this is not a couple Very online. If a Kardashian goes through a breakup, of course; It’s normal to respond to your own relationship on the internet. Gates, though in most cases only use all technology for monsters ech Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Dedicates millions to eradicate disease and tackle economic inequality. They seem to behave just like the celebrities, not the scattered ones.

It also feels vaguely dangerous. More popular memes emerged from this couple Monday announced their split A computer shows pictures of Bill Gates and several women touching the vaccine injection site on the shoulder. The Caption show Gates is searching for “the only woman vaccinated in my area.” Interestingly, Gates’ attempt at the Covid-19 vaccine had some plans to replace people with microchips. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Cutting new ideas, And vaccine hesitation driven by misinformation is a huge problem. Read the room.

Maybe I’m taking it too seriously. These are just memes! – But if the last half decade has taught us something that memes can be very powerful. They can make people laugh but they can suppress public opinion, sweeten toxic ideas and spread them. I saw in the memes about Melinda Gates and McKenzie Bezos Running togetherToo. But really, we can do better.

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