Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Member of an engineering team using 3-D Computer-Assisted Virtual Environment (CAVE) at the Center for Advanced Energy Studies at Idaho National Laboratory.  The tool can be used to navigate a virtual nuclear reactor and consider new designs.

Although still in its infancy, it is the U.S.S. Appetite for experimental nuclear power technology Is Increase. Last week, bSick G.ates-Established Terrapower Announcement It selected Kemmerer, Wyoming, Its first “Natrium” 345 MW sodium-cooled fast reactor site. Now, the company’s technology will be used to create the first-Of-Of-Kind of molten Chloride reactor three hours away at Idaho National Laboratory.

The furnace will be built in collaboration with gas utility giant Southern Company Use TerraPowerOf Molten cChloride fast rEctor technology. According to Terrapower, this type of furnace differs from others in that it can create such designs because of its ability to generate carbon-free energy and generate heat. Interesting for such heavy industry Steel Which requires high temperatures and a lot of energy. The lab itself is a Center for Atomic Energy Research.

Southern Company Claim The reactor will represent the world’s first The fast-spectrum, salt-fueled nuclear fission reactor operates in a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. T.He described the company as a “significant inflection point” for the technology as a whole. Lauren Lathem, Program Manager, Southern Company To say The Bloomberg company expects the reactor to have a capacity of less than 500 kilowatts, making it experimental.

The reactor is expected to enter service in 2026 Its origins date back to 2015, when two companies received $ 40 million from the Department of Energy as part of a grant to develop infrastructure to support the molten chloride fast reactor. When most Nuclear reactor Attention has been paid to power generation for the public, This could place a greater emphasis on providing green solutions for the furnace industry.

Solving that problem can be a key part of any meaningful endeavor Address Climate change Since the industrial sector accounts for about a quarter All U.S.S. Greenhouse gas emissions, According to Environmental Protection Agency. Steel alone is responsible for approximately 9% of global emissions, and when there is The no-carbon steel project is underwayThere is no harm in throwing another iron into the fire of proverbs.

Terrapower was co-founded in 2006 by Bill Gates with the goal of commercializing a new one-day experimental nuclear reactor. Terrapower had previously planned construction Its first sodium-fuel reactor in Beijing, But that project fell victim to increased regulatory restrictions during Trump’s presidency. The company last week Announcement That project would work from Wyoming instead.

The Biden administration is seriously considering nuclear power, which it has Outline Efforts to invest in advanced reactors that it hopes will be smaller and safer than those currently in operation. If passed, d Build Back Better Act There will also be Assignment For about $ 3.2 billion Department of Energy’s Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program And that $ 6 billion is stored in existing nuclear reactors Near (or past) their retirement age.

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