Bioentech and Pfizer trial data signal protection against South African variant

Pfizer and Bioentech said clinical trial data were initially identified in South Africa as their Covid-19 Jab could be effective against the further infectious B1.351 evolution.

The vaccine showed 100 percent efficacy in South Africa, where B1351 was prevalent, the companies said. Only 600 participants were listed in the country, although that means the latest searches are still limited.

According to the survey, nine South Africans landed with Covid-19, all of whom were in the placebo group. None of the companies that took the vaccine were infected. Lab analysis of nine of the infections showed that six of the nine had B3.351 strains.

“This information also provides the first clinical results that a vaccine can effectively protect against currently prevalent forms, an important reason for reaching animal immunity and ending the epidemic for the global public,” said Ugur Sahin, CEO and co-founder of GeoTech.

Analysis of 46,306 trials showed strong protection among 12,000 vaccinated participants who received their second dose at least six months ago, with an effectiveness rate of 91 percent.

Overall test data showed protection in 91 percent of cases, which is slightly lower than the effectiveness rate of 95% Report After previous trials, different forms of coronavirus have appeared.

Health experts are particularly concerned about B.1.351 and so on P.1 formWhich was first identified among travelers to Brazil. Pfizer and Bioentech have begun testing the effectiveness of their vaccines against P1 but have not yet released their results.

The new trial data could help the company begin to push for U.S. regulatory approval, even if the vaccine is already out of urgent approval. The findings “confirm the optimal efficacy and safety profile of our vaccine,” Pfizer chief executive Albert Baurla said in a statement.

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