Biotech start-up behind the AstraZeneca vaccine files for the US list

Oxford / AstraZeneca Vaccitech, which owns the most important biotechnology behind the vaccine, secretly applied to the public initially in the United States.

Oxford start-up, co-founded Sarah GilbertThose who led the development of the estrogenaca vaccine may value its offer earlier this month, according to people familiar with the matter. Vaxit declined to comment.

While most of the biotech start-ups have chosen to make the Nasdaq list, Vacitch’s U.S. debut would be seen as a loss for London if the UK wants to become the center of investment in life sciences after Brexit. Oxford Nanopur, a DNA sequencing technology start-up recently Has chosen London for its IPO At the end of this year

Vaccitech is taking advantage of the appetite of investors for the scientific innovation published by the epidemic with the year 2020 rising for biotech IPOs. Shares of vaccine maker Moderner rose nearly 300 percent and shares of Bioentech, which partnered with Pfizer to create the Covid-19 vaccine, rose more than 120 percent last year.

However, negative publicity about the AstraZeneca vaccine, including concerns about it Blood clots While there could be a potentially rare side effect, investor motivation could be somewhat damp. The University of Oxford on Tuesday suspended testing of the vaccine in children before new risk assessments from the Medicines and Health Care Product Regulatory Agency, the UK regulator and the European Medicines Agency.

Vakitek was previously expected to be released later this year. It’s recent The cross raised a crossover round of 168m Led by MGG Investment Management, the ৩ 43 million note will be converted into equity. According to someone familiar with the matter, Vaxit has been valued at around 50 450m.

There is also the UK Treasury Has taken a part in the company, The situation according to the nearest people. Other investors include GV, Alphabet Investment Hands, Sequoia Capital China and Gilead, California-based Biotech.

AstraZeneca has a commercial license for the Covid-19 vaccine, to be distributed. A non-profit foundation For the duration of the epidemic. But when it is over, Oxford will earn per cent of its earnings, with Vakitek taking an undisclosed share.

Vaccitech is developing another vaccine that can be used as a booster for people who have previously received AstraZeneca shots. Experts are increasingly hoping that booster shots will be needed to bolster the resistance to the Stork-Cove-2 virus that causes Coaster-19.

The company is using its technology to combat other infectious diseases, including measles and mumps, and to develop cancer treatments.

Vaxitek said it would use the latest round of funding for early clinical trials of treatment for endlessly high-risk human papillomavirus, chronic hepatitis and prostate cancer.

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