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Dwayne Johnson’s concept art of the 2022 Black Adam costume of Black Adam, floating in the air with lightning behind him.

Pictures: Warner Bros. / Jim Lee

The Black Adam Footage released in the DC Fandom in October shows a moment when a soldier aims his gun at Dwayne Johnson. hooded antihero. In a flash (Not that one), Adam grabs the soldier by the throat and quickly turns him into dust. It’s a pretty uncomfortable moment that feels like a joke when put aside Johnson Before Claim That his character was actually a hero, and it looks like the rest of the movie will follow that case.

Time to talk CBR About Johnson’s new hist-comedy Red notice, Hiram Garcia (producer of both) Red And Adam) How hyped up Adam is, to be blunt about it, just being PG-13 while still fucking everyone in his movie. “The number of murders in our movies is much higher,” Garcia laughed. “Black Adam Sharp, isn’t it? This is going to be a PG-13 movie where it was a lot like this, say, The Dark Knight, Where it pushed the edges of the PG-13. I think we are with that too Black Adam

At a time when more R-rated superheroes prefer movies Suicide Squad, The Death well Movies, and Jack Snyder’s Justice League You’ve improved, you think Adam will follow it, but Garcia doesn’t agree. Back in August, he To say Polygon That Adam Always made with a PG-13 rating in mind. “Black Adam will give justice the way he feels it is right and people usually don’t shy away from the justice he gives. So we fully respect it. ” This is probably related to what Johnson wants to align with his image: since he started making the first movie, Johnson did not rate and flick too much with his name, the latter being Of 2017 Bewatch Reboot.

Garcia also took time Hype up The film’s Justice Society of America, who will be in conflict with Adam throughout the film. JSA is a favorite head of the DC Universe, and Garcia wanted to make sure the film worked properly for them, even as they were about to smash their heads. A lot of praise he puts on the actors, including the former James Bond As Pierce Brosnan Doctor’s luck And Of leverage As Aldis Hajj Hawkman. “These are just some of the favorite characters from DC Universe …Knowing the templates of how we viewed the characters, we were looking for actors who could provide a wisdom and courtesy that came with Hawkman and Doctor Fate, who would be in your group. “

Going to Hawkman in particular, Garcia added that Hodge is “just as amazing as Hawkman and brings a weight and strength to this character.” One clash after another between him and Adam is considered “a lot of fun” for fans. “AThey’ll drop it out of the park. Hands down, once we saw them read, we knew they were people of this character, and we were really happy about it. “

Black Adam And the number of his upper body will storm theaters on July 29, 2022.

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