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A poster crop for an adult swim blade runner: Black Lotus, where protagonist Eli wields a sword in an alley.

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His mood, along with the light and cyberpunk atmosphere, defines what Blade Runner The franchise is a replica of this. These androids are Ridley Scott’s 1982 original and both provocative events. Dennis Villanuev 2017 follow up, Blade Runner 2049. When About the two movie replicas, the animals are first seen Blade runners must kill those who prey on them through their eyes. Enter Upcoming Adult Swimming and Crunchyroll anime Days of the week, Who wants to get out the flesh of animals and explore their side of Scott’s universe.

In a behind-the-scenes video that digs into the show’s creation, co-directors Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Armaki discuss their goal of getting the transcripts out. Since the original film has such a strong world, the pair initially fought over how their show would fit into it. Eventually, they decided to explore something Those two movies don’t really get much attention.

“We thought there was another world beyond the lens of the camera,” Kamiyama explained. “I was wondering what it would be like if we took the method of exploring the duplicate world or the time in which they lived.” Both men knew that this world would be significantly different through a non-runner’s eye, a vision The two movie heroes Deckard and K could not do their job perfectly as runners. Kamimia further explains that as much as she loved the original, she didn’t want it to affect the way Android was handled.. “I tried my best to find a world that wasn’t portrayed in the two original movies … If I allowed myself to be immersed in it, I would have a world view that made it trivial.”

The other way they wanted to differentiate themselves from the previous element was with their hero Eli. Arisa Shida has given voice in Japanese and Matrix resurrection Dub star Jessica Henwick describes Alec Aramki as a “unique” type of replica, as she focuses on revenge rather than just survival. But Armaki also emphasized the idea of ​​self-discovery: not only is Eli finding out what he is capable of, but also about the larger mysteries around the world that will be solved in the first season.

Later in the video, executive producer Joseph Chow talks about the process of enlivening the show with CG art style. As important as it was that it felt like the show Blade Runner, Chow also knew that the show had to stand its ground, especially in terms of visuals. “What we need to define Blade Runner You have to watch the anime, ”he said. With CG and motion capture, he felt that the camera’s action and direction gave it an advantage over hand-drawn animation. He wanted the show to look like its own instead of fitting it into an anime style that has already been seen. “We have to get to a place where people will say, ‘Oh yes, you have judged Blade Runner The universe … we want to make sure we get it right. ‘

Blade Runner: Black lotus November 13 Adult Swim and Crunchroll will hit

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