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James Aquaman in his full suit and black manta in helmet.

Black manta, as seen in James One Aquaman.
Pictures: Warner Bros.

We all thought the news was too strange to be true and apparently, it was. Go back to early 2019, We found that hot on the heels of James One’s DC Film Aquaman Ready A big box office splash (Take it?), Warner Bros. was creating a small, horror spinoff based on animals that appeared during the underwater trench sequence. The intellect Was so specific and strange But it seemed like the perfect path for the director Saw, deceitful, And Malignant To make a great superhero horror movie.

Alas, The Trench movie was canceled earlier this year But … We now know the seeming truth: it never happened. Last week, One Black Munter posted a shot (which starred) Matrix resurrectionNew Morpheus, Yahya Abdul-Matin II) to highlight the work of producing shiny helmet costumes and sequels on his Instagram Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Shortly afterwards, the director revealed something quite startling: tHe’s a trench movie Was not a real thing; Instead, It was the code for a Black Manta movie. Check out the comment, which I took a screenshot from Instagram on my phone.

Acumen's James One secretly working on a Black Manta movie

Screenshot: Instagram / Germain Lussier for io9

One, who went on Instagram with “Creepipapet”, was responding to a fan who asked if he would do a Black Manta streaming series (probably HBO Max, where A lot is happening These days). One didn’t answer directly, but decided to say, “I’ll tell you a secret.The wrench spin-off movie is really going to be a secret Black Manta movie. “Io9 has contacted Warner Bros. to confirm or clarify the news and will update the piece when or when it happens.

Inside Aquaman, As well as upcoming Lost state, Abdul Matin played the role of Manta. The first film saw him almost as a mini-boss, with nothing but a pan of Arm (Patrick Wilson) scheme. But in the last credit scene of the film, Manta is rescued by a marine biologist who agrees to help him defeat Aquaman in exchange for information from Atlantis. These are eWe’ll probably see sequel film or, perhaps, this spinoff was going to happen vents. Whatever the case, the most interesting part of this story is the need for One and Warner Bros. to, apparently, create a fake idea to cover up the original. Was tHe is the trench Movies Is there going to be a Black Manta movie in the middle? Or was the studio going to express disgust before the release? We don’t know for sure. Honestly, none of it is very understandable but it is definitely a fun one And interestingWhat if. “

We will meet Abdul Matin later Inside Matrix resurrection Which opens on December 22, And coming back as black manta Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, December 16, 2022 being published.

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