BlackBerry is Reddit’s latest meme stock

To follow with wild success And AMC earlier this year, Reddit has become speculators For their latest . The share price was On Thursday afternoon, following the 32 percent and 15 percent gains in the last two sessions

BlackBerry prices did not reach sufficient heights of a brief contraction in January, when they reached 28 28.77, but have more than doubled since the beginning of the year. Trading volume also increased dramatically, from 5 million shares on May 24 to more than 346 million on Wednesday.

TheWhere AMC and GameStop pumps were originally generated, the minute is full of threads about BlackBerry. A radiator Their profitable experience of working in the BlackBerry factory line as the reason for their investment. BlackBerry has shifted its focus to enterprise software and services in recent years after the smartphone faded as a powerhouse.

Meanwhile, AMC has one more Reddit-driven run. Its share price nearly doubled on Wednesday in the wake of the announcement of a program to reward small investors with special screenings and parks like free popcorn. Out of stock It sank more than 30 percent at one point on Thursday after announcing plans to cash ATMs since the beginning of the year, but prices bounced again after the company. 11.5 million shares in a few hours. At the time of writing, it traded at $ 67, up four percent from Wednesday.

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