‘Blanks Block Party’ is an NFT Trojan horse for the video game industry

Proud of mythical games Blanks Block PartySure, co-founders John Linden and Rudy Koch are happy that it has gotten a sufficient audience and they are happy to partner with brands like Barberry and Deadmau 5. They were Super Happy to receive an additional $ 75 million from investors this month, bringing their fundraising to $ 120 million. But really, Blanks Block Party More side-scrolling of mythological games. What Linden and Koch are actually selling is an ecosystem of NFT-driven gameplay and development.

The problem for most mythological viewers seems to be hell. It is much easier to sell Empty, A colorful online world filled with user-made toys and cartoon vibes rather than putting pressure on the blockchain economy in the playerbase of kids and mainstream brands.

Empty Clearly the case, “Linden told Engadget.” We control all the levers. Empty, Which is great, so we can experiment a lot and really see what’s happening with the community. But the idea behind it is to tune it so that other games can use the same idea. “

Mythical games

Empty Not meant to be a complete game. It started as a tech demo, a way for mythical developers to showcase their NFT marketplace to potential corporate partners. Empty Works on the premises of accessibility, ownership and lack – this is a free title where players (and brands) can create game worlds with no coding skills and create unique objects and characters to collect or sell as NFT. The Blancos themselves are squash, funco-esque toys, even though they are fully digital, they are collector’s items, the idea continues.

The center of that NFT market Empty, And it is interested in mythological construction.

“NFTs bring our players into the economy so they can participate in the value they bring to the game,” the coach said. “Through the items they earn, through the layers they create, through the customizations they create, they own the items for the first time. And they can play with them, they can sell. “

The idea of ​​selling game items for real money is not new, but ownership of blockchain technology. There are existing marketplaces where players buy and sell game keys, digital weapons and rare cosmetic gear, although these legally operate on the daisy ground. Players often have no ownership of the things they are interfering with – game developers do. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive There is a notorious hot gray market with famous players north 100,000 North cost For specific weapon skin.

“We’ve seen gray markets pop up around the most popular games, almost every popular game,” Koch said. “Players definitely see the value and they want to buy and sell things from each other … [but] It was always at the border, it was always illegal

Linden agrees, “When these gray markets pop up, they’re not safe. You don’t know you’re going to get assets, there’s a lot of fraud, a lot of laundering, a lot of different things, and a lot of negative things happening in these gray markets.” And I think that’s what we want to try and legalize. We want to make that part of the game, part of the ecosystem, so you can design with it.

Blanks Block Party

Mythical games

When the myth was showing Empty To the big brand about three years ago, the NFT industry was a strange, little-known place. This was the era of the ages 2021’s Great NFT Boom (and Boost), Back when most people started hearing about blockchain technology primarily from the perspective of Bitcoin. Today, NFT marketplaces are so trendy that they have become tough.

Overall, this is good news for mythology. Don’t waste time explaining Linden and Koch’s blockchain-driven ownership or try to avoid saying “NFT” altogether.

“There’s a new generation of collectors, right?” Linden Dr. “And the fact that they are willing to pay for tokenized JPGs, that is – we’ll see what the cost is, in the long run, but what I think [the NFT craze] Whether the mentality has been shown. It showed where consumers ’interest is going, they see digital resources as assets. “

To that end, Blanks Block Party You don’t have to succeed. Myth doesn’t even need to triumph over twitch chat, which was aggressively influenced by the Empty Presentations during the E21 at 203 this week are really important about what major brands and players bought into Methylek’s in-game NFT ecosystem.

“The game doesn’t have to be a Grand Slam,” Linden said. “We’re not necessarily trying RoblexBut what we’re seeing is that the community likes it. The community really loves what we’re doing, the brands love where it’s doing it, so we’re definitely going to invest a lot behind it, to really show it and show all these new ideas of what we want to do. How will gameplay affect ownership? How can you earn? What does this mean in a game? “

Blanks Block Party

Mythical games

Empty Entry Quick entry This week, bring in “a few million” players from the six-month beta. Brands and artists, including Barberry, Deadmau 5, Michael Lou and Quickie, plan to release in-game items this year, and Legend Monday features a Blanco NFT Twitch Drop for viewers at the E3 2021 show. More than 1 million NFTs have been purchased Empty As far as.

In the long run, the myth is about ensuring that its NFT economy is sustainable. Legend is not the only studio that tries to make NFTs do things in gaming but they have been working on this issue for years and have hired people with expertise in live events, tickets and financial arrangements. Eventually, if all plans are made, the studios will be transformed into a distribution ground similar to Valve or Epic Games, licensing its blockchain technology and overseeing the game economy of other studios.

“Our initial focus is to bring this technology to many of the other game developers, and we’re already in talks with a few of them to bring it to their world,” Linden said. “We will definitely make a few announcements later this year.”

Empty Of course not Fortnet Or RoblexBut it doesn’t have to be. It just needs to scatter the NFT concept of myth in the gaming industry.

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