Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Blizzard will not host a Blizzonline event in early 2022 as it said earlier. Back at the end of May, when it , The studio said its plan was to hold a global event in early 2022 that would feature both personal and online content. That will not happen now.

“Any Blizzard event takes each of us to happen, the effort of a whole company, stimulated by our desire to share what we create that we care so much for the community,” the company said. “At the moment, we feel that the energy needed to do this kind of show is the best way to support our team and improve our game and experience.”

Without direct reference The studio that has rocked in recent months, Blizzard notes that it plans to take the time to “re-imagine” Blizzard. “No matter what the event looks like in the future, we need to make sure it feels as safe, welcoming and inclusive as possible,” it says.

No wonder Blizzard wants the event to work again. One of the most serious allegations in California Involved BlizzCon. According to the agency, the annual show was infamous. ““Where former employees including Blizzard World of Warcraft Alex Afrasiabi, creative director, alleges sexual harassment of women.

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