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Image from the article titled Blue Origin Wants in Luxury Space Real Estate

Illustration: Blue Origin

The blue origins are big Plan for yourself There will be a project called Space Station, Orbital Reef “Mixed Use Business Park” and “The main commercial destination in low Earth orbit.” Like a cruise ship that is suitable for 10 people and does not travel to multiple destinations. It will be a little smaller than the International Space Station, Blue Origin says, And will Open for business between 2025 and 2030.

Ten people. It’s still more than eight people, Blue Origin has taken the total number of people out of the minimum threshold of zero before going back a minute or so. That is also much less than 1 Trillion people, the number of Jeff Bezos Expected will eventually Show live That in the space colony He described As an off-world structure Interstellar.

To make this happen, Blue Origin is partnering with several companies – primarily in Sierra Space, A Space accommodation Corporation which will provide large integrated flexible environment (Life) module, Living quarters with three floors, bed, a kitchen, and an astro garden, as well as a spaceAir travel for passengers and cargo and travels around the world. Blue Origin will handle Launch system, utility system and core module. The other parts are Provided by Boeing, Redware Space and Genesis Engineering Solutions. Arizona State University will Lead a “Global Consortium” of over 12 people To advise academic institutions, research and education.

Vaguely Vocal Press release A luxury tourism ad, promises “human-centered space architecture where world-class services and amenities are inspiring, practical and safe.” According to Brent Sherwood, the senior vice will be PRRepresentative of the Advanced Development Program for Blue Origin, “a vibrant business ecosystem” that will create “new inventions, new products, new entertainment and global awareness”.

In an email, Blue Origin declined to extend the key Convenience Or include “new entertainment”. But a spokesman for Sierra Space said in detail: “We are building a mixed-use business park. This means we are opening a space business for new tenants and participants, creating a vibrant economy in space with new people living and working in space. ” Target customers will include “manufacturing, aerospace tourism, pharmaceuticals and any company that can see the benefits of being in zero gravity.”

They said researchers would determine if they would get lower rates for tickets.

So, it’s better to ignore until it’s big enough that we can’t. For now, here’s a great rendering:

Image from the article titled Blue Origin Wants in Luxury Space Real Estate

Illustration: Blue Origin

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