Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

After decades of pretending to explore the universe in TV shows and movies, William Shatner is actually going into space. Blue Origin’s second tourist spacecraft is scheduled for October 12. The Star Trek Actors and seemingly Twitter Verification Doorman New Shepard will be one Passengers.

The 90-year-old shutter is set to become the oldest person to fly in space. He will take the record from the 822-year-old pilot Wally Funk, Who was a passenger .

Shutter is joined by Audrey Powers, Blue Origin’s mission and vice president of flight operations. The company had earlier announced that Planet Labs co-founder Chris Basuigen and Medidata co-founder Glenn de Vries would be other passengers. This is the second of Blue Origin’s three launches Planned for this year.

The Federal Aviation Administration says it will be the next new Shepard flight to look at current and former employee safety issues. Flag in a joint article Last week. In addition to allegations of sexual harassment and attempts to silence internal critics, the group said the agency was “not adequately compliant on security issues.” According to CNBC, Bob Smith, CEO of Blue Origin, told employees that the company is “the new Shepard and” anyone who claims otherwise is anonymous and simply wrong. “

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