Blue Origin’s 15th New Shepard test aircraft operates with an astronaut exercise

Launch window for New Shepard’s 15th test flight Opens April 14, 9 a.m. East. That particular test will serve as a verification step for the vehicle and its activities before properly coded NS-15, astronauts flying in suburban space travel. Blue source The astronaut will use the opportunity to conduct operational exercises – no, people will not actually board the spacecraft when it launches, but the crew will enter the capsule before and after the flight as astronauts.

Prior to launch, astronaut stand-ins will climb the launch tower, climb into their seats, buckle their shoes, and test contact with the capsule communicator at the command center. The Tower Operations team will close the capsule hatch with them as the car prepares for launch, but the New Shepard will actually come out as an “astronaut” before starting the journey. After the reusable vehicle returns to the ground, crews will re-enter the capsule to relax the hatch opening drill and then exit the landing site.

Blue Origin has been developing new Shepard booster and capsule systems for suburban space tourism since mid-2000. Of the car 14th flight This was the first company to test in January The crew capsule is newly redesigned – The best “astronaut experience” possible to say a six-seater – and given to the booster. At this time, CNBC The company had hoped to fly the first crew aircraft in early April. This certainly won’t happen, but you can still watch live footage of the NS-15 and its astronaut rehearsals. Blue Origin’s website.

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