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The Blue Technology Barometer is a ranking of 66 coastal countries and territories that are committed to maintaining their progress and maritime stability. Measures that economies are prioritizing marine health protection through sustainable marine activities, blue innovation and policy implementation.


The Blue Technology Barometer measures the performance of countries and regions across four pillars:

The Blue Technology Barometer was created through selected dataset analysis and preliminary research interviews with global Blue technology innovators, policy makers and international marine stability organizations.

It determines the economies of 66 countries and territories, including large or economically important coastlines along four separate pillars: the ocean environment, maritime activity, technological innovation, and policy and regulation.

Within each column, a series of indicators – a list of qualitative and quantitative factors – were then selected and populated. Through a peer-to-peer review process with trends analysis, research, and a number of subject matter experts interviewed for this report, weight indicators were determined to determine the relative importance of each indicator and column affecting a country’s blue technology leadership.

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